Thursday, August 12, 2010

a year of travel

I'm currently enjoying a nice southern summer vacation in Charleston with Josh's family.  HELLLOOOOO In-laws!  Just will be great!

I realized recently I have traveled somewhere out of TN every month this year so far... granted they aren't the most exciting, but travel none-the-less.

Januray: Atlanta

February: Chicago


April: Louisiana

May: Mississippi

June: Kansas City
(this is 1 of 3 pre-wreck pictures I have from the trip)

July: Louisiana

August: Charleston - I'm sure I'll have just a few pictures to share next week :)
In September I'll be going back to Louisiana for the family reunion.  And it looks like my travels come to an end then.  October, November, and December are empty.  Any ideas on where I should go then? 

1 comment:

caitlin said...

don't forget indiana this weekend, where we get to celebrate your birthday and all the holidays rolled into one!

I think october/november/december should hold a girls getaway...what do you think?