Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY Bride...naturally

So, given the fact I'm a bit of a crafty person, enjoy the occasional card-making/stamping/scrap booking Saturday, have more craft supplies than clothes, and have just the slightest bit of control issues :) ...naturally I'm finding all sorts of things to DIY (do-it-yourself) for my wedding.  Well me, or those who can sew/also crafty.  I think it's fun (granted I'm saying that 8 months out), most of them allow me to save money, and I get exactly what I'm wanting.

This brings us to what will probably be my biggest DIY project of the wedding...unless I make my own wedding cake (but that's for another post...and only if I can do it without my mom knowing) THE INVITATIONS!  Some girls dream about their dress, the flowers, the, I dream about paper! Sorry Josh.

Last year I came across the greatest invention!  The JIGster!

Envelopments is a company that I swear was created for someone just like me.  All the paper, envelopes, letterpress,'s just so pretty! What also makes Envelopments great is their tools! Like the JIGster.  It allows you to mount layers of paper quickly and accurately!  amazing!

Here is a product review and a video showing you how to use it.

It's $70.  I think after using it for ALL my invitations and EVERY card I make from here on out makes it worth it though...right?  What do you think?


Lele said...

Yep! Get it! You and your crafty self will use that A LOT!

Mary Frances said...

Oh my goodness...that looks amazing!! You should get it.

Josh said...

You're out of control.