Saturday, August 28, 2010

birthday "surprise"

Have I talked about Josh, my future husband and love of my life on this blog yet?! Well just in case I haven't mentioned how wonderful he is...let me give you an example:

I.LOVE.MUSICALS.  It's not that Josh doesn't love them...well maybe he doesn't love them, he just wasn't given the priviledge of being raised on them.  The first musical he ever saw was WICKED for my birthday last year.  Starting out big, huh?!  Anyway...he knows I love them.  So he surprised with tickets for my birthday to this:

BOO YAH!  if only Julie Andrews would be there. none-the-less I'm beyond excited. AND. it's at the Fox Theater.  swoon. Have you been? You should go if you haven't. It's a great expierence regardless of what you are seeing there.

See yall next week...I'm off to the show!


Mary Frances said...

OOohhhhhh funn!!!!! Lucky you!! What a great guy!

Amber V said...

What a great gift! That is one of my all-time favorite movies (along with The Parent Trap - Hailey Mills version of course) and I'm sure the show will be amazing!!