Thursday, July 28, 2011

a horse is a horse...

of course of course!

meet eddison and skip...these are the horses at my mom's school (well what was my mom's school I suppose, but whatever).  They are great horses and the kids LOVE them!  turns does my mom!

I've never been around horses for extended periods of time.  My grandparents had one growing up but I wasn't old enough to really get to know her.  So it was funny to me the first time I met the horses to watch them actually come to you when you call their a dog...I suppose having treats and food for them helped get their attention as well.

the farm...the horses...the land...the flowers...makes for some great photo opportunities...

some were more excited than others about these opportunities...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gotta love gatti's!

gotta also love my boy from dickson!  turns out, the Mr. Gatti's in dickson is about the closest Mr. Gatti's still around town (there is also one in Gallatin).  Long live the days of the infamous GattiLand at Harding Mall (I suppose "long live harding mall" should be added to that statement too).  If only I lived where I do now about 10 years ago I could have stilled enjoyed the one on West End more often as well...oh wells.

so Josh convinces our friends we should all take a trip out to the Mr. Gatti's in Dickson (awesome date night, no?).  It should be noted here that Josh refers to it as Mr. Gehtti's...not Mr. GAtti's.  Regardless of the quality of food - which I think it could be safe to say that Gatti's would be a step up from CiCi's but a step below Snappy Tomato - we had a great time!

we are grateful to have friends that think crazy ideas and driving to dickson for mediocre pizza is as much fun as we think it is!

Friday, July 22, 2011

meet baby silas!

on our way back from Savannah we stopped in Macon to meet this little guy!

Silas is my new nephew and he's just the cutest.  His shirt says, "My Aunt Digs Me." I can't imagine who would get him such a shirt : ) but it's true.  I do like him. 
such a sweet little face and so laid back.  I wanted to hold him and hug him and love him...but he wanted to just chill in his chair.  So I just sat there and starred at him.  cute as button that kid.

and of course I can't leave out all this awesomeness from Silas' big brother!

and one more of sweet silas and uncle josh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we went to savannah

so....we went to savannah last weekend.  it was lovely to say the least.  After 54 straight days of upper 90s in Savannah it didn't even touch 90 degrees while we there.  That was a huge plus...we did get some rain everyday, but I didn't mind it.  Every night we would walk down to the river it would rain.  I'm sure it was just like Paris in the rain (have you seen Midnight in Paris? it's a cute little film). Anyway, I went with these folks...the inlawses...

I've got about 1000 pictures to sort though.  that's a ridiculous amount of pictures.  but for now...since he hasn't gotten too much blog time lately...I'll leave you with the many faces of Josh in Savannah. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer lovin'

It is certainly summer in these parts.  If you don't love summer and sun and being so hot you can't breathe and sweaty the minute you walk out the door...then you probably haven't loved this week in Nashville.  Unless you've spent every day at the pool, then its ok.  I have a low tolerance for heat.  You'd think I have a high one.  The only places I've lived are central Louisiana, Nashville, and Birmingham.  Hello humidity and horrible summers in all of these places.  But no.  My toelrance is low.  HOWEVER...this weekend we are headed to Savannah, GA with Josh's family.  It's going to be hot.  But I refuse to let it get me down.  I've always wanted to go visit Savannah so I think it will be a great weekend. 

In efforts to get me excited about the summer heat I thought I'd pick out my perfect summer getaway outfits. 

oh just pal-in' around during the day:

from beach to lunch spots:

a fun night out:

in other random news, I got to hang out with this cutie last night...

hello gerber baby doll face!  She's almost 8 weeks old and is precious! you can check out her new born pictures here!  So excited for Rachel and her sweet summer baby!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

harry potter birthday party!

as you know, Saturday was Josh's birthday! with The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 coming out THIS WEEK we thought it would be fun to have a Harry Potter party. Now, we aren't the worlds biggest HP fans, but we really enjoy the movies and I've read the last half of the books. Plus, we all know how much I love a good theme party. So we thought it would be fun.

I decorated the outside with Three Broomsticks and a Platform 9 3/4 sign. 

and decorated the inside with the a birthday banner and Hogwarts House Flags.

I also had badges for everyone so they can choose their own house.

We wanted to have just a fun summer cookout so I renamed all the foods to relate to the HP theme.

Of course we had to have ButterBeer.  It turned out to be a huge hit!

and you can't leave out Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans...and we did in fact have all the "fun" flavors.

It was a fun night for Josh and friends and we were glad everyone came!

(Harry, Ron, and Neville...I'll let them fight over who is Harry and who is Neville)

Molly made this awesome shirt...way to show your HP spirit.

Bauer got in on the fun too...

and we even had a visit from the littlest wizard...

It was such a fun night!  Thank you to ABC Family for having the movies playing during the party and to everyone who came to celebrate Josh! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

happy birthday husband!

let's give it up for Josh!!! Its his birthday!!! woop woop! my first husband's birthday...wait...this is my husband's first birthday...wait...I've never had a husband have a birthday? no? not quite?  anyway...its josh's birthday, and he is my husband and since i've never had a husband before its my first time to celebrate my husband's birthday.  why is that so hard to say?!

Josh is great.  What's not to like? even love for that matter?! 
a. He loves me...that's hard to do on a daily basis.  but he does and is great at it.

b. you'd think he has taught me more about country music than anyone needs to know...not true.  I actually was a big fan before I met him.  what he has taught me...rap.  go figure, eh? boy loves him some pop and r&b. who knew?  so now I actually know more trendy and urban music than I ever thought I needed to know.  weird how that works when you marry a boy from dickson.

for those reasons alone...I'd be hooked...however, he means more to me than just pop culture knowledge.  He comforts, guides, encourages, and motivates me to be the best person I can be.  and the thing is, he does that to all his friends.  His quiet since of confidence in who he is and where he came from allows him to fully focus on others and meeting their needs instead of worrying about himself.

he can do more things with a spreadsheet than a cowboy can with a lasso (maybe?).  it can be tough out there in the tax's scary business...takes a brave soul who is fast as lightening on a 10 key (that's a calculator).  in all seriousness, he does work hard at a job not many can do or would do or know how to do and does it with a smile.

so today...on your 28th enjoy the attention, love, and presents you so very much deserve. listen to kenny chesney, drink in some sunshine, don't think about the house on the market, play some angry birds, get excited about Savannah, listen to UT sports radio and have such a fun day!!! happy birthday husband!