Saturday, July 9, 2011

happy birthday husband!

let's give it up for Josh!!! Its his birthday!!! woop woop! my first husband's birthday...wait...this is my husband's first birthday...wait...I've never had a husband have a birthday? no? not quite?  anyway...its josh's birthday, and he is my husband and since i've never had a husband before its my first time to celebrate my husband's birthday.  why is that so hard to say?!

Josh is great.  What's not to like? even love for that matter?! 
a. He loves me...that's hard to do on a daily basis.  but he does and is great at it.

b. you'd think he has taught me more about country music than anyone needs to know...not true.  I actually was a big fan before I met him.  what he has taught me...rap.  go figure, eh? boy loves him some pop and r&b. who knew?  so now I actually know more trendy and urban music than I ever thought I needed to know.  weird how that works when you marry a boy from dickson.

for those reasons alone...I'd be hooked...however, he means more to me than just pop culture knowledge.  He comforts, guides, encourages, and motivates me to be the best person I can be.  and the thing is, he does that to all his friends.  His quiet since of confidence in who he is and where he came from allows him to fully focus on others and meeting their needs instead of worrying about himself.

he can do more things with a spreadsheet than a cowboy can with a lasso (maybe?).  it can be tough out there in the tax's scary business...takes a brave soul who is fast as lightening on a 10 key (that's a calculator).  in all seriousness, he does work hard at a job not many can do or would do or know how to do and does it with a smile.

so today...on your 28th enjoy the attention, love, and presents you so very much deserve. listen to kenny chesney, drink in some sunshine, don't think about the house on the market, play some angry birds, get excited about Savannah, listen to UT sports radio and have such a fun day!!! happy birthday husband!

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Aunt Reka said...

Emily -- my heart swells with such wonderful emotions knowing that my first born nephew has a beautiful soulmate that loves him "out of this world"! Happy 1st Husband's Birthday -- looking forward to Josh turning Happy 50th Husband's Birthday, which would make him 78!!!!!!!!