Thursday, July 7, 2011

rachel's birthday!

today is my sweet friend and new mom Rachel's birthday!!!

she got a birthday blog last year and as it turns out...did not stop being a great friend over last's all still true!  BUT NOW...she's a mom!  sweet Virginia was born back in may and it's so fun seeing Rachel be a mom!

all the things that are great about having Rachel as friend I'm sure will be echoed 100x to Virginia by having her as mom.  Rachel is quick to encourage and motivate and make you feel like you are the most talented person ever!  She's so hard-working and dedicated in her own life that I know she will make herself so very present for her sweet daughter's as well! 

Rachel, I hope you know you are loved and celebrated on your birthday today!!!  You deserve it!

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Elizabeth Blue said...

YAY! Happy birthday Rachel! beautiful post, Em.