Wednesday, July 7, 2010

happy birthday Rachel!

Today is my friend Rachel's Birthday!!!

Rachel is one of my tallest friends (not too be confused with Molly, the longest...though Rachel comes in a pretty close second to Molly...).  I went to school with Rachel from 1st grade - 12th grade.  We both ended up in Nashville for college as well.

Rachel is a dear friend.  She motivates me to go after my dreams, walk closely with the Lord, and truly see the good in other people.  I'm thankful for Rachel as a friend...but lately I'm SUPER thankful that she is ok and walking - somewhat! 

Rachel should have been a cheerleading with her AWESOME handwriting...instead we stuck to going to soccer games, studying anatomy, and riding party trains!  I'm grateful for all the fun memories we have together and so glad she's here in Nashville so we can continue to make more!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

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