Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't throw it away.

It's been almost two months since I was in the wreck in Kansas City.  Besides the fact that I'm still dealing with Insurance companies and hospital bills I have this little number that won't let me forget it:

It's the cute dress I bought the weekend before.  It was my perfect "girls weekend" dress.  They had to cut it off of me in the trauma room along with everything else I wearing.  They sent it all home with me in this little gift bag :)

I've been able to throw away the undergarments that were cut (because that's just gross), but for some reason I can't let go of this now scrap peice of fabric. wierd.  In high school I got run over by one of my friends.  The t-shirt I was wearing had one side of it torn off.  I'm pretty sure I just threw that away a year or two ago. 

It's interesting to me that I've held on to things that remind me of not so fun times like they are souviners.  You would think I wouldn't want to see them again.  I suppose they are reminders of God's faithful provision and protection over my life during those traumatic times.  My cut up dress is pitiful to look at, but brings a great sense of awe and thankfulness that God is with me all the time.  Do you keep reminders of hard times? Or do you throw them away? 

My friend Rachel is still on her long road to recovery.  My "trauma" seems so trivial to what she went through and is dealing with on a daily basis.  Please continue to pray for her strength, patience, and comfort as she begins to heal.

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Rachel said...

Em, I was JUST looking at the jeans they cut off me and the one shoe that was found as well as the heart blanket someone covered me with while I was laying on the interstate.

I'm going to make something out of it. I don't know what, but I do know that I want to create something out of these pieces that remind me of the MIRACLE God performed that day when he saved us all!!!

p.s. funny memory of when you got run over in high school. did i say funny, i mean crazy!