Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so very "adult"

I posted a blog a few years ago on my old blog about the exact moment one becomes an adult.  Moving out, graduating college, paying for your own bills, getting a job, etc.  At that moment my employer had started putting money into my retirement fund.  Pretty sure that's adult worthy.  Besides the fact that I'm about to turn 28, which I think is fairly adult worthy, Josh and I just purchased our CHINA CABINET.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another step in my book of "you know you are an adult if..."

My grandmother gave me one of her sets of china.  I also got a set of china when her friend, Ms. May, passed away.  We also know I love to throw me some parties...thus I love to collect me some dishes.  A china cabinet was a "no-brainer" for me.  I've only got my grandmother's set in there now, but by all the plate stands you can see I'm ready for more.

We got the china cabinet at one of our favorite stores.  Josh introduced me to it and my, my mother's, and his mother's houses will probably never be the same.  Nadeau is a great store in Green Hills that works with villages in India and Indonesia.  They get a new shipment about every month.  They never know what they will get so it's always fun to go in a see the new stuff.


kaw said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Merryman said...

Man - that china cabinet would look great at 8355 St. Danasus Dr.... :)

emily said... are so right. ever since I saw emily's pretty plates all displayed in her cabinet I knew I wanted to copy it. Maybe you can convince Josh that we should just move into your house so we don't have to "copy" it ;)

Rachel said...

I'm in LOVE with that china cabinet. I want to marry it :) Haha, just kidding. But that piece rocks! I'm totally hitting that place up soon.

emily said...

thanks's no PB, but they have some fun stuff that would look great in your super cute house!