Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Flowers are things I wish I knew more about.  I would LOVE to take an official flower arrangement class one day.  I mean...I can put them in a vase and I think it's pretty but I would love to know more. 

Naturally, when it comes to planning a wedding, now would be a good time to have that sort of information.

I have a few favorite flowers these days...luckily they are in season when I'm getting married!






If you are a flower person...or just want to give me more suggestions...I'd love all the help I can get on good spring wedding flowers.  Any ideas blog readers?


Audra Lynn said...

I used lots of hydrangeas, because they're huge-gantic and you don't need very many to make your arrangements/bouquets full and beautiful. Plus, they come in fun colors. :) Come to think of it, I think we had peonies, too. I love the choices you've posted!

Lindsay said...

I love hydrangeas and peonies. They're so pretty! When I saw Billy Buttons on your post, it reminded me of this bouquet I saw when I was planning. They combined the buttons with succulents. It's different but really pretty. Here's the link!


emily said...

audra - I remember your wedding being so pretty! so hopefully I'm on the right track!

lindsay - thanks for the link! I think succulents are really cool and add a lot of "different" to bouquets. I might have to think about using them!