Monday, July 19, 2010

birthday go karts

I asked Josh what he wanted to do for his birthday...he wanted to go ride go karts with all his friends.
so that's what we did!

we met up at las palmas for dinner...

and then...the go karts...there are lots of pictures.  sorry.  there was lots of fun...

let me introduce you to all the drivers...

Jonathan: maintained the lead the entire time

Brian: if he hadn't been hit...maybe he could have won

Josh: Birthday Boy and trouble maker
(but clearly having the time of his life from the very beginning)

Joe: he had the fast car

Phil: it wasn't a corvette so he didn't know how to drive it

Do you see how happy Josh is .... the ENTIRE time?!

the wreck - josh hit brian.  brian got in trouble for it. 

Thank you so much to everyone for helping Josh's birthday dreams come true!!! He had so much fun!

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