Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emily and Myrtle

Have you seen Julie and Julia?  It's a cute movie.  Especially if you have a heart for cooking fun recipies.  The ending was kind of sad for me (maybe it's just because one day I would love to meet Martha Stewart and show her all the things she has inspired me to make, bake, and grow) but it was a cute movie none-the-less.

As I mentioned before, my granparents are moving and because of that they have gone ahead and let us take the things they want us to have.  The short of it - my grandmother was 100% southern hostess all the time.  We should have counted...but her cookbook collection was ENORMOUS!  Mom and I were able to take some of her favorites. Most of them you open up to find notes on the inside cover about which recipes are her favorites.  I was going through them I thought...oooo, maybe I should cook through these.  You Julie did with Julia Childs.  Emily and Myrtle.  Not as catchy.  But still could be fun.  I mean...when you are working with can this not be a best selling movie?!

I'm pretty sure she has a cookbook for every church they ever stepped foot in ... and then some.  I'm excited to try some of them out.  Maybe not EVERY day like Julie did, but often enough.  I want to make my grandmom proud.  Emily and Myrtle. Church cookbook conisours.

Have you ever challeneged yourself with new recipes? Has someone inpired you with that challenge?  I'd love to hear the stories...and learn the recipes!


Audra Lynn said...

That sounds like fun! My mom has a handwritten diary that her grandmother wrote down her recipes in. I'd love to get my hands on it!

joann said...

i have the pastors wives cookbook. good times.

Amber said...

Family cookbooks are the best! Every female in my family has a copy of Dining with Pioneers and I try to make something new from it every Christmas (I'm too busy to cook very often!!).