Tuesday, November 29, 2011

goodbye fall...

as if I wasn't begging josh and the weather man enough... some yard "friends" of ours gave us the "go ahead" to get rid of fall decor this weekend...

yeah, we have some very full squirrels at this point.  josh would come home from work and they would just be sitting on our porch chowing down on some pumpkin.  they wouldn't move or scurry...just keep on eating.  When we went to discard the half eaten pumpkin I realized they may have been living in it for all I know...

JEEPERS!  they ate the entire inside of the pumpkin! DANG!  needless to say, we pitched the pumpkin and made room for this...

josh was kind enough to show off his manly muscles ...

while Dylan supervised from the porch...

we put the tree up ...lights, garland, and all...and were excited to add a few new ornaments to our collection this year...

josh is a big Griswold fan so I surprised with this hallmark ornament that plays the theme song to the movie!

this was our "obligatory ornament from vacation spot" ornament.  cute little light house

 duh! of course I'm going to have a pineapple ornament :)

and last but not least...our first Christmas together ornament.  our names our on the back.  I love it! 

helllloooo winter!

Monday, November 21, 2011

boutique recap

Whew...now that the boutique business is over I can reveal all and and tell all and thank all of you who came out and spent part of your weekend with us!  We had such a fun time!!!  You may remember when I extended this invitation to come to my house and shop and spend time with friends and cross gifts off your Christmas list and eat yummy treats, etc.  Well, it turned out to be just be that! 

For those of you that couldn't make it I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see all the lovely merchandise and if you needed something had the information you needed to get your hands on some of these quality items.

Ryan is such a talented artist!  She had a few options when it came to her original artwork: the collage artwork inspired by bright colors, fabrics, and her sweet grandmother.  and her original stamp art collection.  Ryan hand carved the stamps herself and then created the art on canvas.

Ryan also offers personalized collage art that you can have done for you, your family, or friends.  It seriously is too cute!  So fun!

We tried to group everything else by "like" items together.  So we had quite the adorable "kid's corner" in my living room:

Caitlin made the cutest onsies with little animals and ruffles.  I love me a baby in ruffles!  They were all so well done...kind of made me want a kid...(not really though mom, calm down!).  She also made some baby blankets that matched some of the onsies with the little animals.  too cute.  seriously.

Lele made adorable dresses for little girls...all different sizes.  The one pictured above with the navy and white polka dot was my absolute favorite!  She does such a great job on the dresses.  She also made coordinating burp cloth and paci-clip sets which completely sold out!  These make great little baby gifts! as well as some pillows and baby blankets. 

I painted a few canvases that I thought would be sweet to have in a nursery and made a wall full of hair bows!  The bow ranged in sizes in prices and were a huge hit!  every girl loves a hair bow!


we busted out the Christmas tree just for the boutique!  I loved our little Christmas section.

I made ball ornaments to help celebrate the season, baby's first Christmas (boy and girl), and first Christmas together.  growing up my mom's tree was always filled with so many special ornaments that represented wonderful memories.  I was happy to help put memories on other people's trees this year!  I also painted a Christmas canvas!

Lele made the cute little owl ornaments...aren't they precious?!

Caitlin made the beautiful paper Christmas wreaths.  I LOVED them!  she also made a coordinating garland that matches the wreaths.  AND a snowflake garland as well as red and green crepe paper garland (sorry these aren't pictured). 

The rest of the dining room were more of the "home goods" type items:

Caitlin made pillows of all sorts...aren't the birds cute?!  It's a grey pillow with yellow and cream birds.  so fun!  Lele also made a few pillows and the handbags. I painted the canvases and made the wood picture frames.  I sold out of my wood frames, so if you have a custom order, let me know!

Caitlin made the pennant dish towels.  It's a flour sack towel with stitched on pennants of such fun fabric.  She gave me one for Christmas last year and I get so many compliments on it in my kitchen!  She also made the dish mats!  LOVE THESE!  (the red, pink and blue on the right is my FAVORITE! it makes me want to paint my kitchen blue and keep that towel out).  The mats are great...terry cloth on one side and cute fabric on the other.  They are great for helping clean up big meals and dry dishes...oh wait, I think big meals are in everyone's future...contact Caitlin to get one today!

I hand stitched some dish towels.  I had a few Christmas ones as well some that said "faith hope love" all of them sold out so let me know if you need more.  and I hand stamped some stationary.

lele made these super cute zipper pouches and towel aprons.  I gave the towel aprons as some hostess gifts back in March for my wedding and they were such a HUGE hit.  These are practical and cute...perfect for all your baking around the holidays while company is in town!

To those of you who came, thank you so so so very much!  We had such a great weekend and are looking forward to the 2nd home boutique (stay tuned!)

To contact Lele about any orders for her items:
or email justshowedupblog(at)gmail(dot)com

To contact Caitlin about any orders for her items:
or email gotogatashop(at)gmail(dot)com

To contact Ryan about any oders for her items:
email ryanhester(at)gmail(dot)com

To contact me, Emily about any oders:
emily edrakephoto(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sundae Shower

My brother-in-law is getting married in almost 2 weeks to sweet Lorie!  Lorie has been a great friend to have ever since I started dating Josh...she, like me, was not a Drake and was an outsider dating an insider.  It's been great getting to know her and in a few short weeks we'll officially be family!
Josh's sister knew how much Lorie loved Sweet Cece's (can you blame her? seriously...what's not to love about froyo?!) so she thought a cute little ice cream shower would be fun and fitting.  I came up with a cute little invite and we were on way with shower plans.

Josh's mom and sister did a FABULOUS job getting things together...they made the cutest cupcake pops I have ever seen.  (there are cupcakes in the ice cream cone and then covered with icing/candy coating) adorable.

they served the ice cream out of the cutest mini mason jars I have ever seen...

and then had toppings galore for everyone to choose from...

everything was super cute.  I was happy to help out with my talents of banner making and petitfours...

I think Lorie had a great time and I loved being to a part of this fun day and help celebrate Lorie and Jordan!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I can't believe it's actually happening tonight...and tomorrow....

are you coming?!?!  it's going to be so fun.  we've got drinks and treats for you while you shop and socialize with friends!  and gifts GALORE for you, your home, your kids, your family....I could keep going...

here's a brief rundown of some of the items we will have for sale:
hair bows
little girl dresses
burp cloths and paci clips
baby plankets
dish mats
the cutest dish towels ever
more pillows
christmas ornaments
christmas wreaths

and probably everything else awesome :)  Please remember it's CASH OR CHECK ONLY!  we would LOVE to see you and your friends tonight or tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

pink pumpkin party

my friend had asked me to help her out with her daughter's 7th birthday party recently.  being so close to Halloween, she wanted to have a fun fall party with pumpkins...but not scary and decked out Halloween.  So...we settled with a pink pumpkin party theme.  Thanks to pinterest we gathered some great ideas and put together this shindig. 

I started with first designing the perfect invitation for a pink pumpkin party:

Heidi did such a great job setting up everything for the party!

I helped make the cookies on a stick...(using my royal icing technique from this previous post)

and then Heidi set up so many fun stations (or "centers" for all you teacher folk) for the girls to rotate through...

they decorated leaf cookies

painted pumpkins and played pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern

and we found this cute idea on pinterest to make bracelets out of the the candy pumpkins!  adorable!

 I think all the sweet girls had a great time celebrating Ruby's birthday!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cape Cod: Day 4 - last day!

Our flight didn't leave until 6:30 that evening so we still wanted to make sure we made the most of our last day out on the Cape and in Boston.  We started off spending some time in Yarmouth which was the town our bread and breakfast was in.  Here is a picture of our lovely B&B (and yes...every time I say "B&B" I think of the potters...)

Yarmouth has a lovely 800 foot boardwalk that we wanted to make sure we saw before we left.  It was a tad windy, but we powered through and really enjoyed starting the morning off there...

Next we headed back up the Cape to check out another beach and lighthouse...maybe this was in Eastham? I really can't remember...but it was beautiful!

we finally said goodbye to the Cape and the pretty beaches and headed back to make 2 more stops in Boston before our flight.  First up...Bunker hill...

there was sign that said you could climb to the top of the tower, and the friendly lady inside made it seem fun, "You can climb if you want to." she said with a big smile on her face.  and it seemed like everyone else was doing it.  So I'm sure me, who ran a 1/2 marathon a few weeks before would be able to handle whatever it took to climb to the top

....WOAH! climbing 294 stairs is way different then pacing yourself for 13.1 miles.  climbing 294 stairs in 2 year old target flats that is the equivalent to walking on paper essentially when people are lined up behind you wondering why you are walking so slow...people who have on hiking boots and backpack on their backs and are from Europe and make you feel like a fat American...it wasn't the "most fun part of the trip" to say the least...but we did it!

Our last stop of the trip was to see the USS Constitution.  I think we regretting saving this for the last day and the very last minutes of our trip b/c we would have loved to spend more time in the museum and on the boat.  but, we loved getting to see what we did and it was a great end to our trip!

thanks for putting up with all my trip posts and all my pictures!  It was a great trip!