Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cape Cod: Day 1

Last weekend Josh and I went to Cape Cod to visit for just a little fall getaway.  It was WONDERFUL! I'd never been that far north and neither had Josh so we were excited.  We stayed in a bed and breakfast on the cape and then took a day trip in to Boston one day.  Here are some highlights from day 1...i'll try not to have too many pictures and post but it was just so pretty that I can't not share them all!

our first stop was in the town of Sandwich for lunch at The Dunbar Tea Shop.  It was quite dainty, but had delicious honey mustard!  The shop was right across from an old mill with a gorgeous backdrop!

the evening was spent in the small town of Chatham.  It was our favorite place we visited.  In the afternoons the fishing boats come in to unload the fish and there are usually seals right behind the boat hanging out to catch some scraps.

The seals were josh's favorite part by far!  The looked just like little dogs sticking their heads up out of the water.  There were 2 seals both time we went.  So fun!

The town of Chatham reminded me of Stars Hollow.  The night were there they were having a Fall Festival and everyone in the town had decorated pumpkins with some sort of theme.  It was cute.

check back later in the week for more highlights from other spots on the cape, fenway, and the freedom trail in boston!


Emily said...

that picture of the boats belongs in a magazine! what a fun trip!

caitlin said...

Fall Festival complete with gazebo!