Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(anyone else think of the Music Man instead of a flower?!)

we have a new friend in the garden!!!

two weeks after we got married we went the Bloom and Garden Show in Franklin (its where we got our beloved hanging basket plants...that tragically got stolen...sad day).  There we also got 4 bulbs. 2 Amaryllis bulbs and 2 Crinum bulbs (very similar to an amaryllis).  So we planted them back in April...

And now...as of Friday...one of the Amaryllis bulbs is starting to bloom these pretty hot pink flowers!

the rest will soon follow I'm sure!

and the great things about these...they are perennials...so they come back each year. every year. and we don't have to do a darn thing!

have you planted any perennials this year? any new ones popping up yet?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 months of marriage

today I have been married for 2 months. 8 weeks.  ...however many days that is.  whew! In the past 2 months we got married...

went to mexico...

planted some flowers...

got the world's most beautiful hanging baskets (only later to have them stollen)...

cut my finger and realized my husband didn't keep any bandaids in the house...

started cooking dinner at home!

got rid of the world's oldest dishwasher...

hosted a baby shower

surprised Lele for her birthday

took our first family road trip...

to see this guy preform...

and to celebrate this guy turning 4...

and finally, had to say goodbye to dear friends...I may have some tears still in my eyes...goodbyes are so sad...

it's been a full 2 months.  We are excited for the next 2 and the next 2...and so on :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

everything etsy: bow ties

i'm back with some etsy goodness from the wedding!

from the beginning I new exactly what I wanted the little fellas to wear!  it included a bow tie and chuck taylors...and I think they rocked the look!

shirt and pants: old navy
shoes: converse
bow tie: etsy

they looked adorable.

I love me some polka dots...and the grey and white with the navy pants just looked perfect with the wedding party and other wedding colors.

and just because they were the cutest ring bears and flower girl ever...

Monday, May 23, 2011

monday, monday

Mondays always seem to go by quickly...its like it knows that it is a crappy day so I appreciate it getting over with so fast!  we had such a fun weekend in atlanta...I will have another post coming soon...in the meantime, a few favorite pictures from the weekend...

a very excited brand new 4 year old!

mmm, birthday cake icing!

the cake topper that roared

the most super fly guy there

who's excited to open presents?!


and he can slay dinosaurs...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

alice in wonderland plant

I mentioned early we got 2 of our hanging baskets stollen. Super sad.  We had a third one that they didn't take. and this is her.  She is really cool and like no other plant I've ever seen.  Josh's mom gave it to us for Easter.

it starts off having these little pink buds...they look almost like baby tomatoes...but then they start to bloom...

someone asked me, "What are these alice in wonderland flowers you have on your porch?"  I felt that was a really good description.  They are so colorful and so unique...clearly from Wonderland.

when they first pop open, they look like a little bloom skirt puffed out...

and then...what do you know? there's some yellow flowers mixed in...who knew?!

I'm still upset about our other baskets being stolen, but I'm thankful we still have our cool Alice in Wonderland plant.  In case you are curious...here is the actual plant name...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

everything etsy: my wedding jewlery

I wanted to wait until I got all my wedding pictures back (from the wonderful Mary Rosenbaum) to continue with my "Everything Etsy" blogs about stuff I got for the wedding.

so...my necklace.  I LLLOOOVVVEEDDD my necklace.  I kind of want to wear it everyday...but it's kind of fancy, so I don't.  But I do love it!

My dress was lace that had a few hints of some bling on it.  I felt like pearls were classic...like the lace, but I also wanted just a hint of bling in the necklace...like the dress...

I love how it all looked together and was super pleased with the necklace!

The necklace I bought also came earrings that I really liked!  Here is the picture from the Etsy seller:

I just have weird issues about dangle earrings with my hair up.  I know...it's weird.  So I went with the lovely Premier Jewelry diamond studs that my Matron of Honor gave us to wear in her wedding.

The only other jewelry I wore was my wedding gift from Josh. 
A pearl bracelet with my new monogram on it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

surprise birthday party!

2 weeks ago I posted a blog wishing my dear friend Lele, a very Happy Birthday!!! 
I can't believe we were able to surprise her (for the most part!!!)!

I was super afraid it was going to rain...but it didn't! a little on the cold side, but we still managed to have a great cookout!

I loved putting together all the fun pictures of Lele with friends during her time in Nashville!
we certainly are going to miss her!

AND I tried my hand at a little photobooth action...it was certainly my first time, but I think it was fun nonetheless...

and just because he is awesome...

we love you Lele...and eric and laney!  it was a great night to celebrate YOU!!!
(and not think about the fact that you are moving next week and that it totally stinks and makes me sad and my days just won't be as awesome as they are now...but I am excited for you and your family and I know this will be a great move for yall but we here in nashville will miss you terribly and probably cry once or twice...or every morning when I get to work...and on my friday afternoons...and when I go to target...
you get the point!)