Monday, May 16, 2011

surprise birthday party!

2 weeks ago I posted a blog wishing my dear friend Lele, a very Happy Birthday!!! 
I can't believe we were able to surprise her (for the most part!!!)!

I was super afraid it was going to rain...but it didn't! a little on the cold side, but we still managed to have a great cookout!

I loved putting together all the fun pictures of Lele with friends during her time in Nashville!
we certainly are going to miss her!

AND I tried my hand at a little photobooth was certainly my first time, but I think it was fun nonetheless...

and just because he is awesome...

we love you Lele...and eric and laney!  it was a great night to celebrate YOU!!!
(and not think about the fact that you are moving next week and that it totally stinks and makes me sad and my days just won't be as awesome as they are now...but I am excited for you and your family and I know this will be a great move for yall but we here in nashville will miss you terribly and probably cry once or twice...or every morning when I get to work...and on my friday afternoons...and when I go to target...
you get the point!)

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