Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SURPRISE!!!! it's lele's birthday!!!

today my friend Lele turns 30!!!  WOAH!  Happy Birthday Friend!  Last night we surprised her with a party!!!  Lele always deserves a party for her...she's just that awesome.

I met lele the summer of 2003.  Our churches partnered up for youth camp that summer and Lele and I were interns for our respective churches.  Little did I know 2 years later she would move to Nashville and become one of my best friends.  Of all the friends that I had in my wedding, Lele was the only person I didn't know from high school or before.  Though we didn't know each other growing up, our stories from childhood are similar enough that sometimes it seems that way.

Lele is an amazing woman, friend, wife, and mother.  Her love and passion for Jesus Christ is evident to all and her joy is contagious.  Lele loves people and genuinely sees the best in everyone.  She puts her friends and family above herself...which is evident by how she has supported and encourage Eric through nursing school and now seeing her raise such a sweet little baby girl. 

This one time, a few years ago, she decided to move away and "moved" to Birmingham.  We all thought that was a dumb idea and missed her greatly.  turns out...she missed us and moved back just a semester later.  Whew...that was a close one.  Until, she isn't just pretending to move, she is for real moving to Montgomery.  We've tried to be supportive and encouraging - just as Lele would be to any of her friends - but the truth is, it's really sad. 

Lele has been such a constant in my life these few years...besides the fact that she's the reason I met my husband...she's taught me, encouraged me, laughed with me, cried with me, prayed for me, and simply lived life along side me.  And the thing...she does this to all her friends.  Such a giver...full of compassion. 

Lele, on today...your birthday...i hope you feel so very loved, deeply celebrated, encouraged, not old at all, and full of joy! I'm so glad you were born, and that you knew Bryson, and that you married Eric and then met Josh!  I am not glad that you are moving...but I'm excited to see all the things and people the Lord will use you to experience and meet during this next season...until you move back to Nashville of course.

the happiest of birthdays to you, friend!


Lele said...

...until I move back to Nashville, of course! :)

sfain said...

whoa! wait a minute on the moving back to Nashville thing... but what a sweet post, Emily . I agree with all you said--lele is awesome!!!!!!

Bryson said...

I'm so glad I know both of you!!! You both are amazing people who have blessed my life tremendously!