Tuesday, May 17, 2011

everything etsy: my wedding jewlery

I wanted to wait until I got all my wedding pictures back (from the wonderful Mary Rosenbaum) to continue with my "Everything Etsy" blogs about stuff I got for the wedding.

so...my necklace.  I LLLOOOVVVEEDDD my necklace.  I kind of want to wear it everyday...but it's kind of fancy, so I don't.  But I do love it!

My dress was lace that had a few hints of some bling on it.  I felt like pearls were classic...like the lace, but I also wanted just a hint of bling in the necklace...like the dress...

I love how it all looked together and was super pleased with the necklace!

The necklace I bought also came earrings that I really liked!  Here is the picture from the Etsy seller:

I just have weird issues about dangle earrings with my hair up.  I know...it's weird.  So I went with the lovely Premier Jewelry diamond studs that my Matron of Honor gave us to wear in her wedding.

The only other jewelry I wore was my wedding gift from Josh. 
A pearl bracelet with my new monogram on it.

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L.Caroline said...

Love the necklace! I have issues wearing big earrings and a necklace, haha. ALSO- I have the same Premier earrings and wear them all the time! They so happen to coordinate with my ring (even though I got them 4-5 years ago) and people ask all the time if I got them together... UM, nope, they were $30! Can't wait to see more gorgeous pictures. :)