Tuesday, May 3, 2011

spring wreath

whew!  it feels like forever since the front door got a make-over.  the winter one did not last all winter (sad day) and then I got married and for a few weeks cared less about the wreath.  no worries...once I moved in I was back to caring!

besides the fact the I.LOVE.YELLOW! and it's spring, and that means lots of yellow...it was one of my wedding colors.  this meant I had lots of yellow ribbon (I kind of went crazy and bought out loads of yellow, grey, and navy ribbon for the wedding "just in case").  So...what else do you with leftover ribbon? duh...you make a wreath :)

I started with a wire wreath base, tissue paper, and ribbon.

I covered the wire in tissue paper just to give it a more rounded edge and make it a bit puffier when the ribbon went around it...

then I literally just tied ribbon knots all the way around!

I had a "D" left over from this shower that my sweet threw us before the wedding, so added that and this cute little chalkboard butterfly!

I found this at Michael's...I thought they would be fun to play around this spring.

so there you have it...my spring wreath.  I think this kind of wreath would be great in a craft room or nursery...but I had lots of ribbon left over, so ribbon wreath on the front door it was!

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Jen Clapp said...

Seriously cute and I NEVER would have thought of this! Thanks for sharing!