Wednesday, June 30, 2010


this is Josh's dog.  he looks all calm and regal and totally better than you in this picture.  that's far from the truth.  contrary to what everyone thinks...I do in fact love Dylan.

If anyone has any tips on merging two very "only child" dogs together please let me know!  We've got 9 months to turn them into best friends!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

happy birthday molly!!!

Today is my friend Molly's Birthday.  Molly is my longest friend (not tallest...longest).  We've been BFF's since 1st grade (1988 to be exact...that's 22 years folks!).  We have the matching outfits, best friends necklaces, coordinating bed comforters, and home videos to prove it.

I think Molly's great.  Besides the fact that she's put up with me for this long...she continues to be a loyal friend to so many.  Molly will laugh at all your jokes, encourage you and support you through anything, provide great TWSS jokes, teach you that secular music is in fact ok to listen to, and help you decorate your room.  She's a great listener and compassionate friend.

I love her ability to go after what she wants in life.  She is one of THE.MOST. creative and talented people I know.  and I'm not just saying that so she will design my awesome wedding invitations for me : ).  Molly just makes life more fun.  I'm thankful and blessed to have such a true life-long friend.

Happy Birthday Molls!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival

Last weekend was a busy one.  Not only was Laney born, but Josh and I also experienced more "culture" than anyone should in one day.

Saturday morning we went to Bell Buckle, TN for the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.  Saturday evening we went to the Dickson Rodeo.  Seriously folks...too many pictures and story for one little ol' blog. Blog about the Rodeo soon to come...this however is a focus on the Moon Pie Festival.

Besides that fact that is was SOOOO was kind of fun.  I'm not sure I would go every year...but let's be honest folks, if you got fair food and fried oreos, I'll be happy to come over.  Speaking of food...let me just show you what we are working with here:

Here are some other highlights:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Boys and girls

I wanted to share a few pictures of these boys holding this sweet little baby girl.  There's just something about a guy holding a baby girl for the first in his life that just makes you smile.  I think they will both make great dads one day!  (but no pressure for either of you!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

AMC Cinemasuites

As you know, my trip to Kansas City didn't really turn out like expected.  It was an all around bummer...though we were able to enjoy one little part of the city.

Anna had bought tickets in advance for us to go see Sex and the City 2 on Sunday afternoon before we left.  Though Rachel was still in the hospital, the three of us (anna, molly, and myself) figured going to a movie was something still fun we could do.  So we went...


have any of you ever been to an AMC theater Cinema Suites?!  The greatest place ever.  Especially if you like going to the movies.  The tickets are $25.  You get the movie and a $15 food voucher.  You sit in big comfy recliners, with your own personal tray.  And order whatever you would like...cocktails, milkshakes, french fries, sandwhiches, movie candy, cokes, etc.  It's the most wonderful thing.  The theaters are small and seat about 20.  L.O.V.E. it! 

Most of friends had less than fabulous reviews about SATC2 so I wasn't all that excited to see it.  Let me tell you...seeing it at a cinema suites theater and drinking my HUGE milkshake that I couldn't finish, I thought the movie fantastic!!! 

We don't have any nashville but we should really figure out a way to get one!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Laney's Birth Day!!!

little laney was born first thing this morning at 12:02 am. sweet little girl. Mom, Dad, and baby are doing just fine!Here are a few pictures from today...I'm sure there are plenty more to come.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wedding party cookout

Josh and I are both blessed to have been in Nashville for so long.  That means we are also blessed to have so many friends and family in town.  Since only 4 out of our 16 member wedding party lived out of town, we thought it would be fun to get everyone together and ask them all at once. (And I thought this would help make wedding showers and the actual wedding a lot less awkward for everyone). 
me and molly with our wreck wounds. 

delicious triffle by Lele

yummy cupcakes by cait

I made a fun little banner that had everyone's picture and their name on it:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

bridesmaid proposals

I've now been engaged 5ish weeks.  I've certainly spent my fair share of time reading up on wedding blogs and magazines.  I think it's hilarious that people use the term "proposing" when it comes to asking people to be in your wedding.  Hilarious...and kind of cute.

Here is a little peak in to what I gave my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in our wedding:

A nice little photo collage of pictures of the two us.  Thank you internet for making this an easy project!
(photo collages curtesy of snapfish)

Each girl also got a card that I made with all 4 of my wedding colors.
Navy, Green, Grey, and Yellow

Here is a closer look at the cards (Jennalynn already had hers by the time I took this picture):

Friday, June 11, 2010

TREND: diaper cakes

So, as I've stated before, I read a lot of blogs.  Mainly crafty party blogs.  I've picked up on a lot of trends that are circulating these days in the party-sphere.  I tend to try and conquer some of these trends when given the oportunity.  Thus begins my first ever re-occuring blog segment, TRENDS!  Hopefully this will be helpful and encouraging.

First Up: Diaper Cakes!

I made my first diaper cake 2 years ago for my friend Ryan's baby shower.  I was excited and nervous.  I'd seen them everywhere.  What do they put in the middle? Do I roll the diapers? or fan them? So much to try.

Lesson #1: The Inside - really anything you want can go inside.  I tend to start my base with a box of wipes (it's not cylindrical so it can be tricky...but they are so practical).  Some people put bottles together.  I use wipes for the bottom 2 layers and then a lotion or shampoo bottle for the top (1 or 2)

Lesson #2: if you choose to fan out the diapers (that's the best way I can describe it) - this is what I just looks better to me and more fun - then have an extra set of hands to hold the diapers in place.  If you can't pull in some hands, I'd sugest going the rolled route (it's just not my favorite).

Lesson #3: Have some sort of extra string to tie around the layers at first.  Then you can see it all set and figure out where to use your pretty ribbon.  That way no one's arms are trying to hold 4 layers of diapers while you go back and forth about the blue and the pink? or the blue and the green?

Lesson #4: If you choose to go with the "fan" option, then most of your baby items can be on the inside...but you can also dress it up a bit, I just choose to keep it simple.  When you do the rolled look you can certainly add a bit more flair.

Lesson #5: I use about 90 diapers per cake.  Obviously the bigger the cake, the more diapers.  I tend to do the bottom 2 layers in size ONE and then the top in Newborn.

I by no means am an expert.  Just a normal person trying to DIY myself through one shower at a time.  I hope you have found this helpful.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a wrecked weekend

Last friday my friends (molly and rachel) and I flew to see our friend Anna in Kansas City for her birthday. 

We landed.  She picked us up...15 minutes later we were in a wreck. LAME.  I guy rear-ended us on the interstate.  It was all really scary.  Rachel was actually thrown from the car, and has a broken and fractured hip and pelvis.  She won't need surgery and God was faithful to protect us all. 

Given the large bump on my head and the fact I couldn't see straight, they took me to the ER.  After being in the trauma room (which I highly suggest avoiding for mulitple reasons) I waited in the hallway for 2 hours for a room.  This is the picture Molly sent Josh to tell him I was ok.  I'm tying to smile.

Rachel was released from the hospital in time to fly back home with us.  She is resting at home now.  I know she would appreciate your prayers as she begins her road to recovery.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern this past weekend.  Hopefully I'll have lots more fun posts coming soon about the wedding and other DIY party trends!  stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day in the Mountains

Amid the stress of a flooded basement, the beginning stages of planning of a wedding, property line disputes, and the daily goings-on of life Josh and I decided we needed to get a way for a weekend. Memorial Day provided the perfect opportunity.
Sunday and Monday we spent in the Great Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN. It was perfect. Here are some landscape shots...and naturally, Josh being awesome.