Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a wrecked weekend

Last friday my friends (molly and rachel) and I flew to see our friend Anna in Kansas City for her birthday. 

We landed.  She picked us up...15 minutes later we were in a wreck. LAME.  I guy rear-ended us on the interstate.  It was all really scary.  Rachel was actually thrown from the car, and has a broken and fractured hip and pelvis.  She won't need surgery and God was faithful to protect us all. 

Given the large bump on my head and the fact I couldn't see straight, they took me to the ER.  After being in the trauma room (which I highly suggest avoiding for mulitple reasons) I waited in the hallway for 2 hours for a room.  This is the picture Molly sent Josh to tell him I was ok.  I'm tying to smile.

Rachel was released from the hospital in time to fly back home with us.  She is resting at home now.  I know she would appreciate your prayers as she begins her road to recovery.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern this past weekend.  Hopefully I'll have lots more fun posts coming soon about the wedding and other DIY party trends!  stay tuned...


Watson's said...

Praying for all of you!!

kaw said...

how awful! i hope you're ok!

Amber V said...

OMG how awful!! I'm glad you all weren't more seriously hurt and sending lots of feel better wishes to you all.