Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday!    There isn't enough space on the internet for me to tell you all how wonderful of a person, mother, and friend my mom is.  I don't have to, because most of you already know.

My mom, or Ellen, or Ms. Ellen, or Gran...however you may know her, is a treasure.  She is a wonderful teacher, sooo very creative, has such a green thumb, LOVES dogs, is great listener, and most importantly (to me at least) so very good at being mom.  She puts others first, regardless of the hardships life has thrown her way, she is a diligent prayer warrior and dear friend to so many.

My mom's "God will make a way" attitude about her own life has been a source of constant encouragement and discipleship for me.  We've been through a lot together and I have no doubt we're getting off the roller coaster any time soon, however, God has a plan and He will see it through. 

He has proven faithful the last (pick your own age mom!) years of your life and I am confident He will do this same this year!  I hope this truly is a happy birthday for you mom.  You deserve to feel so very loved and celebrated.  I for one, am very thankful to have you in my my mom, friend, mentor, and roommate :)

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not to mention a great laugh!