Monday, July 5, 2010

the pineapple

It's come to my attention recently that maybe everyone doesn't know about the symbolism of the pineapple. 

Besides the fact that I do in fact LOVE to eat pineapple...there's a bigger reason I choose to decorate with it, include it in my blog title, and maybe have it make an appearance at my wedding.  The pineapple  has long been the symbol of hospitality.  It began in the Caribbean, progressed to Europe, and then on to America where it became fairly normal to have the pineapple carved in to stone or placed out in front of your plantation.

When guest would come over they would serve pineapple as a sign of giving the guests the utmost hospitality.  Since then it's continued to be carved, stitched, printed, and engraved as a way to show that people are welcome wherever the pineapple is displayed.

So now you know... and you too can pass the pineapple along to whoever you encounter today.  And you won't think I just LOVE to eat pineapple, but that I do in fact try to be hospitable when I can.  As a Christian...and a southerner :)

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Josh said...

Isn't hospitality, Southerner, and Christian synonymous? There's no such thing as a hospitable Christian Northerner. Can't be found in all of yankeedom.