Tuesday, July 13, 2010

at the pool

I've been nervous to post this.  Once upon a time there was a main character in the majority of my posts.  He was my friend, my buddy, always there for me, ready to listen, never got angry.  Over the past months someone else has etched by him ... I'm afraid Dylan is getting more "web time" than Bauer.  Not a good way to start things off if I want them to be friends.

But this is just hilarious folks.

We've always had inside dogs...might I even say pampered inside dogs.  Bauer is by no means pampered but still for the most part, stays inside, lays on the couches, likes to be under the covers, etc.  Dylan is mostly the same except he is used to Josh taking him EVERYWHERE.  Dylan is the worlds best car rider dog.  He's amazing.  He also LOVES to go out to Dickson.  Why wouldn't you love to go to Dickson if you knew this awaited you...

this dog is ridiculous.  He runs down the deck stairs, to the pool, jumps on a raft and all is right with the world.  I'd never seen an "inside" dog do this.  I'm curious to see what Bauer would do in the water.  I'm not sure he would be as happy go lucky as Dylan.

family picture in the pool


Sarah said...

This is adorable! Love reading your blog!

emily said...

ha! Thanks Sarah! adorable/HILARIOUS! thanks for reading...and commenting ;)

Amber said...

Awwww he's so darn cute!! I love me some smushy faced pups!