Thursday, July 8, 2010

TREND: Bunting and Banners

It's everywhere. On cards, at parties and wedddings, on clothing...bunting is taking over the world. Too dramatic? perhaps. I feel like I could have an entire blog devoted to bunting and banners and never run out of new things to show you. I've begun to use a banner at most parties/showers I host. It just adds a sense of personalization ... with very little time (well sometimes little time).

Here is how wikipedia defines Bunting. I think you can use bunting and banners interchangably.  It's 2010, call it whatever makes you happy!

Here are some pictures of different banners I've made as well as some lessons I've learned along the way.

Lesson #1: If you want to save time you can print off the letters on your computer. It's way easy. pick a font you love. make each letter super big. print it out and cut it out. done!

Lesson #2: If you make triangles, circles, squares, etc...SAVE YOUR TEMPLATE! you'll more than likely use it again.

Lesson #3: I lay out all my patterned paper before in the order that I want. Just to make sure it looks like I want it to.

As you all know I read my fair share of wedding/party blogs.  Here are some cute banners I've found out on 'ol world wide web:

Clockwise from the top left:
1. Ruffled provides you with downloads of each letter to print out for yourself.
2. Names are great to put on banners.  Like this party from The Sweetest Occasion.

Banners don't always have to have words.  I think these are precious!
LEFT: Bunting is a great addition to any circus themed party!
RIGHT: I love how this cake matches the pattern on the banner!

Bunting has also found its way over to the card making/scrapbooking world.  I LOVE IT!  It just kind of brightens up any paper. 

Who wouldn't want to get this fun card on their birthday?

(sidenote: this card features a future TREND topic...get excited!)

Speaking of bunting on friend Courtney actually designed a stamp set that is TOO COOL!  If you are an experienced stamper or just thinking about getting started Courtney has some great sets that are so fun and easy.  You can do so much with these little flags.

I know this was long.  Hopefully it was helpful.  Have you made any banners?  How did it go?  If you've learned lessons along the way please share...I'm always eager to learn more!

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