Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gotta love gatti's!

gotta also love my boy from dickson!  turns out, the Mr. Gatti's in dickson is about the closest Mr. Gatti's still around town (there is also one in Gallatin).  Long live the days of the infamous GattiLand at Harding Mall (I suppose "long live harding mall" should be added to that statement too).  If only I lived where I do now about 10 years ago I could have stilled enjoyed the one on West End more often as well...oh wells.

so Josh convinces our friends we should all take a trip out to the Mr. Gatti's in Dickson (awesome date night, no?).  It should be noted here that Josh refers to it as Mr. Gehtti's...not Mr. GAtti's.  Regardless of the quality of food - which I think it could be safe to say that Gatti's would be a step up from CiCi's but a step below Snappy Tomato - we had a great time!

we are grateful to have friends that think crazy ideas and driving to dickson for mediocre pizza is as much fun as we think it is!

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