Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we went to savannah

so....we went to savannah last weekend.  it was lovely to say the least.  After 54 straight days of upper 90s in Savannah it didn't even touch 90 degrees while we there.  That was a huge plus...we did get some rain everyday, but I didn't mind it.  Every night we would walk down to the river it would rain.  I'm sure it was just like Paris in the rain (have you seen Midnight in Paris? it's a cute little film). Anyway, I went with these folks...the inlawses...

I've got about 1000 pictures to sort though.  that's a ridiculous amount of pictures.  but for now...since he hasn't gotten too much blog time lately...I'll leave you with the many faces of Josh in Savannah. 

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