Tuesday, August 17, 2010

they say it's your birthday...

today I am 28!...and feelin' great!

there is no birthday theme to report this year.  It's ok...hold back the tears.  This is a first.  However I think you will understand that all "theme" and "party planning" efforts have all been directed towards a certain event in March.  In the mean time here are the pictures I have from past birthdays...at least the past birthdays when I had a digital camera.

theme: roller coasters and las palmas

theme: Asian persuasion (for the Olympics in china)

theme: emily

theme: john Deere country cookout

theme: Hawaiian luau


Sarah said...

Happy, happy! Hope it's wonderful!

Kat said...

Woo Hoo I made the blog! And apparently I missed the theme? So sorry I missed your birthday. Love ya!

Amber V said...

Happy late birthday!!