Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Today is Caitlin's birthday!

Wow.  My life would have so many less delicious, ridiculous, and hilarious things in it without Caitlin.

I've known Caitlin since high school though our friendship actually began about 3 years ago when she moved back to Nashville.  Looking back it's as if the Lord hand-delivered Caitlin to me at a time when I needed a good friend the most.  Since then she has continued to remain a constant joy and bright spot each and everyday.  Her passion for serving the Lord through helping others is contagious and inspriring.  Her dedication to follow God wherever He leads her is convicting and humbling.  If you spend any amount of time with Cait you know she loves Jesus with all her heart, cares deeply for others, will stop anything she's doing for a good dance party and never passes up the opportunity to hang out with a donkey.

Caitlin...friend, roommate, co-slacker in making our lists...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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