Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silhouette...I NEED you!

One of the party blogs I read...Kara's Party Ideas is giving away a free Silhouette! OH.EM.GEE!

Do you know how awesome this thing would be for all my DIY wedding projects?!  huge amounts of awesome.

One way you can enter to win is to write a blog about it.  So here I am, writing a blog about it.  Look at all the fun things you can do with it?!  Who wouldn't want one? Probably Josh...but he'll see the light eventually. I would LOVE to win.  If you enter the giveaway and you win...will you let me borrow it?! Thanks!


Bethany said...

I have a friend with one of those. It's the coolest! She makes the greatest cards and such with it!

Anita Barron said...

I have a Cricut and would love to let you borrow it or buy the small one I bought used 1 week and HAD to have the larger one! I will be happy to share my cartridges with you if you are interested!!!