Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's football time in Tennessee!

here's the deal...I like sports.  I like to watch them and play them (except baseball...I don't like to watch or play baseball...or frisbee, if that's a sport).  I don't claim to know all the players, or try and talk smack about why a certain team will beat another.  I don't know much sports history or trivia.  Regardless...I simply like sports. 

This weekend (today actually) is opening day for college football.  I like football a lot.  I always have.  My youth minister taught me how to throw a pretty mean spiral in high school and since then I've had a good appreciation for QB's. I like football.  Josh LOVES football. Typically I cheer for Vanderbilt.  My mom went there, we went to lots of games growing up, and I like to cheer for the underdogs.  Josh - he bleeds orange.  Always has...and always will.  I've never LOVED the Vols, but I don't mind cheering for them especially since they may be entering their days as underdogs as well (sorry babe!)

Why am I posting this on my blog? Well...I think I like sports so much because it brings people together.  There is fellowship and commrodery at every sports game...most of the time with strangers.  So, to kick off football season here are some of my favorite football party inspirations!

and a party is certainly not complete without coordinating toilet paper:

and to make josh happy:

I also want to give our friend Jonathan a birthday shout out!  Not only does he love Billy Joel but he is a die hard Vanderbilt fan!  he's such a good dad, wonderful husband, and has been a great friend to Josh! 

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Mr. Whitehurst!


Jess(ica) said...

Um, LOVE the stadium made from snacks and dip. So cute.

Lele said...


Courtney Whitehurst said...

LOL! Jonathan definitely loves Billy Joel! He feels very special for making it on to your blog again. :)

Audra Lynn said...

hmm...neyland stadium groom's cake? ;)