Tuesday, September 21, 2010

scait's engaged!

I am beyond excited to announce the engagement of Scott and Caitlin!  They are both some of my dearest friends and I am incredibly happy for the two of them!

I met Scott in 7th grade...but he played the drums and was WAY too cool for me and my flute playing.  In high school, his group of guy friends and my group of girls would get together on various occasions for parties, breakfast at IHOP, after school ice cream treats, etc.  I appreciated Scott's wit and we were able to bond over humor and sarcasm.  Bring us to present day and Scott has become one of my dearest friends.  His compassion and loyalty to his friends and family encourage me to soften my own heart and listen more than I talk.  He is uber talented ... musically, artistically...and who else do you know that can make the best cricket noise there ever was?!

I met Caitlin probably around sophomore year of high school.  She started coming to my church youth group.  We didn't really talk that much because she was always with her super cool "hardcore" class of 99 friends...I didn't take it too personally though ;) She moved back to Nashville about 3 years ago and started going to Rolling Hills and thus our friendship began.  She signed up to teach preschool and they put her in the class that Scott and I taught.  I've talked about what a bright light Caitlin has been to me before so I won't bore you, but man...I'm beyond blessed by her friendship, wisdom, creativeness, and faith. 

I've watched Scott and Caitlin's relationship grow from day 1.  It's been such a treat to watch them grow individually and together as Christ has used all sorts of life's instances to mold them into these wonderful people who have so much to offer each other and the world.  I'm so excited about this next step in their lives!  and super excited they've agreed to have a double wedding with me and Josh!  just kidding.  but I do know one house in particular that is about to become wedding central!!!

all this to say...scott, caitlin...I love you both.  I'm so glad you love each other. Happy Engagement!!!

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