Friday, September 3, 2010

brother-in-law birthday

this is jordan.  in less than 7 months we will be family. jealous?

Jordan is one of Josh's brothers...he's the 3rd down the line.  I tend to get Josh and Jordan confused when I look at childhood pictures.  And a lot of times it wierds me out when Josh will say something and it sounds just like Jordan.  Nonetheless...Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

Jordan works for State if you need any insurance, he's got the hook up.  He's also really good at being the most complicated customer a waiter has ever seen.  Jordan's got a 3D TV...that is quite large.  I didn't know those existed, but could be fun to watch gilmore girls with those blue and red glasses (I'm sure that's why he has that TV).  If you ever meet all of Josh's family, be sure to meet Jordan.  He's a funny one.  Hope you have a WONDERFUL year...your present is that you get to have another sister!  Get excited!!!

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