Friday, September 24, 2010

mantle makeover

It's not that I don't like the way Josh has decorated his house...I just want to make it our house.  Don't get me wrong, it's a huge blessing that Josh already owns a nice house - but if we were getting a new place together, I think it would seem a little less like "I don't like your stuff" and more like "let's make it OUR home."

I actually may have started doing this before we were engaged...women, so typical!...anyway.  He has this great old brick mantle in the middle of living room that just calls to be awesome.

When I met had an abstract canvas painting of this...

not really the "awesome" I felt the mantle deserved.  A play room? yes! Man room? yes! Mantle in the living room...not so much.  I knew what I wanted to replace it.  A window frame from my grandmother's house as a child.  She still has one, my mom has one, and I have one.  It's followed me to all the places I've lived...


When it came time to decorate for Christmas I found myself living at my mom's with no house to decorate.  Josh was generous enough to let me take over his home.  I asked if I could take the painting down just for Christmas.  He hesitated...but agreed.

9 months later, the window frame remains and has even made a permanent home.  You can see slight touches of fall as I slowly begin to makeover the mantle.  Piece by piece.  Here is stage 1:

stage 2 involves bringing over my lovely bird vase!  I'd been eyeing it at hallmark for about 3 months.  I was ready to finally buy it and someone beat me to it.  Luckily I've got an in there and they ordered me another one.  Happy Birthday Emily! Love, mom!

Stage 3 will hopefully involve some pretty candlesticks...stay tuned.

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