Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today is Bauer's birthday.  He is 4 years old!  He's had a pretty good 4 years of life! 

Here are some insteresting Bauer facts for you all:

- Bauer gets his name from Jack...not Eddie.  big difference.
- when Bauer was just a puppy he swallowed an entire plush toy.  He had to have surgery to remove it.
- I think it's this surgery that allows him to now be able to swallow socks whole...it's quite the spriritual gift.
- Bauer would constantly eat if I left food out. always, always, always ready for supper.  Like, you can't say "food" "supper" or "hungry" around him or he thinks he getting something.
- if he is not eating, he prefers to sleep really...under the covers.  If it's past 9 o'clock and no one is in bed, he'll whine until someone goes to bed.
- he loves me very much.  but I'm pretty sure his Gran (my mom) is his favorite person...next to Caitlin.

and since you all love my dog as much as me here are some pictures of him over the last 4 years
(I know...you are all so excited!)

Bauer is such a good dog!  I certainly got lucky to have such a good-looking, farily well-behaved (unless there is food around), loyal pet.  Happy Birthday Bauer...if only you understood what that meant!

(the top 2 pictures and this one are curtesy of THE Mary Rosenbaum)

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Amber V said...

Is Bauer a Puggle? If so the food thing is for sure coming from the pug side. My two pug girls would eat until the burst. He's so cute, thanks for sharing the pics and a very happy birthday to your boy!