Monday, September 20, 2010

halloween wreath update

well...I did it!  Using the inspiration I talked about here, I came up with a pretty good wreath I think.

I got a black faux garland wreath.  some little baby pumpkins (that are scented, so it smells like fall from the moment you walk in!) and some gorilla glue.

It was my first time using gorilla glue.  I've typically used a hot glue gun in the past put the heat always makes everything fall we are trying another route.  I think I finally found the right clips to make my attachments for a "year long" wreath, but I think I'll start that after halloween. 
Anyway...I laid everything the way I wanted it to look.

Then I began gluing...

with gorilla glue you have to press it down for a this is the super professional way I came up with to hold down my pumpkins.

*had I really planned this out I would have glued felt pieces to the bottom of the pumpkin and then that to the wreath.  Some glue would still seep through the wreath, but I think in the long run it would hold better.  Luckily when my glue seeped through it only got to the plastic bag underneath.  It would have been a shame to have a wreath centerpiece on the table for the rest of time.  This gorilla glue does not mess around.

Anyway...everything was dry and I was ready to hang it on the door.

I used my "D" from this previous wreath and I think it looks great.

There is an uneven gap between some pumpkins at the bottom.  I'm working on making a paper bat to put there.  I think that's exactly what this wreath needs to officially be a "Halloween Wreath!"  I thought about a spider but I think I would get freaked out every time I came to the door.  So...bat, it is.  Simply because the likely hood of a bat actually perching itself on my wreath is a bit absurd...but a spider, finding its way on to Josh's porch and living in my wreath could actually be happening right now.  I'll keep you update on how the bat turns out.  But for Halloween Wreath!


Audra Lynn said...

You should try hot glue next time. It sets way more quickly. It's good for impatient people like me. :)

emily said...

well I've been using hot glue on wreath stuff but it always falls off b/c of the heat outside or the weather changing. so I thought i'd give gorilla a chance.

Amber V said...

Love it!! John totally made fun of me for decorating my house for Hallowen over Labor Day weekend but I couldn't help myself!!