Friday, October 1, 2010

"I'll be your dentist"

10 points to whoever can name where that song comes from.

oh the dentist.  some people love going...others hate it.  I probably fall somewhere closer to the "hate it" side.  My guess would be that since my dentist was my orthodontist and I had to go see him once a month for 8 years I feel like I've put in my all of yours.  yep...I was awesome with metal in my mouth my. entire. childhood.

So mom and I decided to hit up some antique stores in nolensville last weekend.  I'd heard my friend Sara Beth talk about how much she loved Three French Hens so we thought we would try it out.  JACK POT!  such fun things!  They also own The Roost right next door.  I was looking for two things: a tall dresser, and a hallway cabinet that could fit in this little nook right in front of the bathroom at Josh's house.  I found several shelves that would work for the cabinet and had a hard time making a decision.  In the end, I decided I wanted something with character, a story, something that made it unique.  I certainly found that!

It was an old dentist cabinet.  The holes on the top were made so they could set their tools in them.  I loved it...just the character, story, and something unique I was looking for.

So now...maybe I don't hate the dentist so much.  They make cool cabinets that add something fun to my hallway!  The shelves are adjustable which is helpful...and I've already filled it with some books.

I'm not sure if I'll ever use the holes for anything.  Maybe just to tell the story.  Who knows.  You got any suggestions?


molly said...

Little Shop of Horrors?!

Jen Clapp said...

This is kinda random, but if you wanted to make the effort... I've seen tables where they've cut holes in the top, then attached a sort of drawer underneath the countertop. You fill the drawer with dirt and seeds, then plants grow up through the table! Cool, huh? You could also just do seasonal flowers with water, though. By making it a drawer (which is the hard part, you'd have to build it in), you could easily remove dead plants/dirt/water/etc.