Saturday, October 9, 2010

a closet

Josh's house is old.  I love it's character...but not so much it's lack of closet space.  They just didn't build houses with lots of big closets back then.  I think it's because people had less stuff back then...which maybe I should take a few cues from.  Nonetheless, Josh's house has 2 closets.  1 closet in the dining room which will be storage/coat closet/whatever else can fit in there.  The other closet is in the bedroom. And here it is:

(please pardon the horrible quality of pictures...his house also has a lack of light)

Naturally all his clothes fit nicely in there.  So...what about my clothes? ...and let's just say I have a few more than he does?  Our resolution was to buy a standing closet for the spare "bedroom" for Josh's clothes and I will get the closet in his room (which will be my our room after I move in). to IKEA we went.  Their PAX closet system is fabulous.  We ending up getting this one:

Josh worked hard to put it together.

And wah-lah!  We have a really tall closet in the extra room. 

And we are now taking suggestions on blending 2 homes worth of stuff in to one home!

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