Thursday, October 21, 2010

a winter coat

who doesn't love a pretty coat?!  A good one can not only bring warmth, but also sophistication and poise.  I love winter coats.  I have a black one (I got it to wear for my Mary Poppins Halloween costume 4 years ago and it's still kickin'), a brown one, and a cream one.  The cream one I've had for almost 6 years.  Needless to say it's seen better days. 

As I was browsing through all my wedding blogs that I read I saw Lara Casey, of Southern Weddings Magazine, looking fabulous in a yummy cream peacoat.  I stopped caring about the NYC bridal show and cared more about that coat.  It was so cute, not too heavy, practical, fashionable, and wonderful. See what I mean?


So...I asked her where she got it.  Dillards.  Go figure!  Way to go Jessica Simpson!

and now I know where I'll be headed on my lunch break :)

ps. Josh was upset because yesterday's post had nothing about him.  neither does this one. make him happy...I'll leave you with this...


Michael and Jana said...

You do rock the winter white like no one I know!

Amber V said...

Love it!! I stand by the fact that the only good thing about winter is cute accessories :) Well, that and Christmas! But that's it!!