Wednesday, October 27, 2010

less than 5 months

I'm pretty sure I've been to the post office everyday for the past week.  whew!  hopefully next week I can show you what's kept me busy buying stamps and addressing envelopes instead of filling the internet with crafts and blogs.  Sorry.

Yesterday marked the 5 month mark until the wedding.  We're still moving along and crossing off things little by little on the 'ol checklist. (This past weekend my future father-in-law asked if I had methods of organizing stuff for the wedding.  If only he knew.  Apparently my OCD planning personality and control issues aren't as prevalent as I fear.) By checklist, I mean 1 of the 8 and I have at least 3 spreadsheets...there could be more.  My notebook continues to grow.  You would think it would get smaller the more decisions I make...alas, bigger.

Speaking of wedding...if you haven't seen any of our engagement pictures by the fabulous Mary Rosenbaum then I encourage to check out her blog or the slideshow.  She did a great job!

In other news...I'm going to mention something I rarely talk about...weight loss.  I never tried to lose weight. I've always been somewhat of a runner and it's seemed to keep me in a good place health-wise.  Until now.  For the first time I'm trying to get serious about eating healthy and shaping up...and it is not fun.  I'm not going to lie.  I don't recommend it.  BUT if you need to get healthy OR if you met this boy who has made you the happiest you've ever been and in the meantime you've put on a few pounds and have a wedding coming up...then it's a reasonable goal to have.  So...I got a food buddy and we hold each other accountable to what we eat.  We are using and it's been pretty helpful.   We'll see how this goes...

I promise to be back tomorrow with much more exciting things!

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