Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wedding weekend

On Saturday...this super cute couple got married!!!!

I've known Jamie for a super long time!  and was more than excited for her and tony to get married.  They asked me to help organize some stuff for the wedding day.  It was an honor to help make this day special for the two of them!  (and any time I get to hang out with her family is a great day for  I feel like her cousins are my cousins!!)  I was a bit pre-occupied to take as many pictures I would like (being all "backstage" was a great way to get me in gear for my wedding!), but here are few shots I got of the wedding party and the happy couple!

kids in weddings...always entertaining!

the bride and groom!

I loved her candelabras!  So pretty!

Congrats Tony and Jamie!  Loved being a part of your special day!

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Mary said...

Love the collages :) All of the cool photographers are doing it!!