Friday, October 8, 2010

TREND: cupcakes

Now what isn't more adorable than a little miniature cake?!

Am I right? Who doesn't love a good cupcake?  apparently no one because they are certainly all.the.rage.

You can find them at weddings, birthdays and showers.  And now, they have their very own stores.  From Magnolia to Gigis to my personal local favorite (and the favorite of the former ms. underwood) Iveycakes in downtown Franklin, you can find cupcakes everywhere you turn. I also pretty sure there is some sort of cupcake competition show on TV at all times. So why are they are so popular?

Well let's take a look at various cupcakes across the web and I'll let you know some things I've learned about making, baking, decorating, and serving the adorable cupcake.

1. cupcakes give you the chance to be a bit more creative with each cake.  Instead of having one have all these extra moments (cakes) to express uniqueness in flavor, design, and presentation.  I think people are more daring with cupcake recipes b/c if it's's just one little cupcake, not a whole cake.

2. Unless you have a moment where you officially cut the cake and begin to serve...people are more likely to eat your cupcakes then to cut their own slice of cake at a party.  It's just easier.

3. cupcakes taste delicious no matter how professional they look.  (In the picture below, I iced the the smooth mint green cupcakes.  I spent time to make it just right and look pretty.  Josh iced the white ones in the back...not really caring, just getting the job done.  People ate more of Josh's than mine.)

personal photo

4. I've never timed it out, but I think cupcakes can take a bit more time.  pouring each into the cup, icing each of them individually...

personal photo - cupcakes by elizabeth

5. the wrapper - there are so many cute cupcake wrappers out there these days.  I've noticed a lot of times after you back it you can hardly see the design.  So I've started backing them in white and using the "pretty" wrapper for when they are done just for display purposes.

personal photo - see, I baked it in this really fun wrapper and you can't ever see it.

both sets can be found here

6. the topper - folks seem to be really using cupcake toppers lately.  I think it's a good way to incorporate the theme of the event into what you are serving...and for those of us that aren't professional cupcake makers, it gives you and easy out for what to put on top!

personal photo

7. icing - I highly recommend Hello, Cupcake!  I got it for Christmas one year and spent some nights just playing around with all the different techniques they have.  I like it b/c everything can be done using a ziploc bag, tape, and scissors!  anyone can do it!

personal photo

cupcakes by elizabeth

My friend Elizabeth lives in NYC and knows a little bit about the cupcake world, she was interviewed by Cupcakes Take the Cake over here.  I really didn't need to write this blog and could have just linked you to that website, but oh well.  you got my 2 cents for what it's worth.

8. The Stand!  - here is how to make your own stand.  I like to stack different sizes of cake stands together...maybe I'm just lazy.

personal photo

 Even dogs like cupcakes...

Do you prefer serving a cake or cupcakes? Do you have any helpful tricks up your sleeve when it comes to making a great cupcake?!


Amber V said...

It is 9am and I officially want a cupcake thanks to your post. I kinda suck at cupcakes mainly due to the icing part. I'm going to have to look into that book you recommended for icing tips!

Lele said...

I especially like those pink cupcakes with the Amy Butler toppers. ;)