Monday, June 20, 2011

oh boy!

"We buy so many diapers and we don't even have kids!" was Josh's response as we picked up another package of diapers at target the other day.  It's true...I've bought a lot of diapers in my day and we have no children.  but...I do love to make cakes! Diaper cakes that is!

we have some friend who are getting ready to have their 3rd child...but first boy in about a month!!!  can't wait to meet the little fella!  so when we brought them dinner the other night, we also brought a diaper cake!

boy cakes...always a little tricky.  Bow? No bow? are bows too girlie? The boy will actually never even see the bow so does it matter?  These are the big life questions I ask myself every time I make a diaper cake.  At first I bows, just knots (in my mind, knots mean boy).  So I just did two tiers with knots...

but it seemed lacking.  so I made a bow...

now where to add it?  top?


I went with the top.

I also made cute little canvas to hang in the soon-to-be boy nursery.  I LOVED the colors they picked out so I made the cake and canvas to coordinate.  I never took a "finished product" picture of the you can see the first stage, pre-straightening of the lines...

and then I added a ribbon border, to make it look cute (and cover up the sloppy line drips over the edge!)

happy monday!


Sarah said...

I love this! I just came over from twitter and it made me so happy because as soon as I get off the computer I'm going to make a diaper cake for my brother and sister in law! :)

emily said...

thanks for stopping by! good luck with your cake!