Thursday, June 16, 2011

peach cobbler

millions of peaches...peaches for me...millions of peaches...anyone?!

Peaches are in season here in Nashville!  last weekend we got some at the farmer's market with the intention to make a fun dessert.  peach cobbler it was.  I'd never made a cobbler before (I'm not really a fan of cooked fruits, but the crust alone is good enough to pick around the fruit most of the time!) so I was excited about this adventure.

I used a really simple Betty Crocker Peach Cobbler recipe...and with the help of a great husband...wah-lah...

peach cobber

the recipe called for whip cream...but we figured this was better

it was actually pretty good...I may have actually eaten some of the fruit part too :)

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L.Caroline said...

Yum! I am funny about cooked fruits, or fruit period, really, as/in desserts (with the exception of fruit pizza and banana pudding!) but love a good peach cobbler. I have been in south GA this week and picked up lots of yummy peaches!