Tuesday, June 7, 2011


birthdays seem to be the theme on the blog here lately (and we all know I'm ok with that!!!).  2 weeks ago we went to down to Atlanta.  Josh's wedding present was a Kenny Chesney concert.  That same weekend was my nephew's 4th birthday party so we were excited it worked out for us to be there.

it was a great afternoon at the park...filled with presents, pinatas, games, and cake...of course!

The dinasaur pinanta seemed like the size of an actual dinasaur. It was HUGE!  we started off with a bat...

but we all know you need a sword to slay a dinosaur...


 I had my friend Caitlin make Sean a dinosaur tail...it's just a little velcro belt that he can attach.  Everyone loved it!  so fun!

If you ever need an awesome dinosaur cake...publix is the place to go.  The top part had a motion sensored dinosaur that would pop out and roar when you got close it.

also while we were in atlanta .... sweet baby virginia was born!!!  check out my photography site for more sweet pictures of this "little" week old baby.

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