Thursday, June 2, 2011

happy birthday Ryan!!! sweet friend Ryan turns the big 3-0!!!  Woah!!!  seems to be the thing to do these days.  (not for me...I have another year!)

I met Ryan in 7th grade at church camp.  We were both really awesome at basketball....hahaha, just kidding, RYAN was really awesome at basketball and I never minded "playing."  As we got older our friendship grew.  High School was full of sleep overs and dance parties. We both went to Samford to start college...and both ended up at Belmont!  So many of my fun memories from those years are with Ryan (things like NSync, Atlanta, tp-ing a house, beach trips, snow days, etc.)

Ryan has been a constant friend and encourager throughout the years.  I can truly say she has seen me at my worst and loves me just the same.  She's been honest with me and challenges me and yet does it with grace and love as she helps me become a better woman!  She is a big dreamer and supports everyone else in doing the same.  SO CREATIVE and can paint the most amazing piece of art at midnight the night before she needs to have it done! Wonderful mom of two sweet children and such a strong supporter of her husband and his #1 fan! 

Whether she's writing songs about cookies and chocolate cake, dominating you on the basketball court, loving and nurturing her children, or simply just talking to you for hours at her house...she does it all with humility and love.  Ryan, I hope you have such a wonderful birthday.  You certainly deserve to be celebrated, honored, taken out to dinner, showered with gifts, and phone calls of happy wishes today!  You are a dear friend to so many and I'm unbelievably thankful to have had you as such a close one for so long.

Happy Birthday Ryan!


Anna Crossley said...

Perfect description of Ryan! Love you so much Ryan and I hope you get a glimpse of your fan club today!-Anna

Hesters said...

Em... Thank you for your very very kind words. You made me all happy teary and stuff in the store today reading this. :) and thank you Anna for your sweet comment. I am thankful for your friendships. Love, Ryan