Sunday, June 5, 2011

anna banana's big day!

it's a big week folks.  today...June 5th is my friend Anna's birthday!!! 
Anna...whew, what to say about someone so awesome?!  Anna was my matron of honor so it's no surprise that I love her dearly and think she is just the greatest.  Though she currently lives in Kansas City all the emails and mid-afternoon phone calls make her never seem that far away- and help keep me awake when I'd rather take a nap.  Over the years we have seen each other through it all.  In high school we would skip a class just to go drive around looking at pretty houses and talking about our boyfriends.  Now we call each other with weekly stories about our husbands from Dickson or advice on life's drama and dilemmas.

As one of the funniest people I know, she can make me laugh regardless of the situation.  She sees life as a completely open book ready for her name to be written it!  She is passionate about her job, deeply loves her husband and is 100% supportive of his career (hello?! she moved to Kansas City).  She LOVES her family...her loyalty to them continues to encourage me to love my own so well.  and she lives her life all for the glory of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Since the time we sat on the bus making up stories of Princesses on a school field trip until now, Anna remains a close friends who always encourages me to be my best seek after the Lord and claim His embrace life and live it to the love others...learn more rap music... you get the idea. 

So today...Anna, on your birthday, may you hear and know all the things that you are to SOOO many people.  May YOU be encouraged to be your best self, seek after the Lord and trust His plans for your life, embrace life TODAY!, continue to love others and always...listen to some rap music today - and then fill me in on what you hear so I can know pop culture as well as you.  Go eat something with delicious honey mustard at a restaurant where you can sit down and have a waiter, then go back home and curl up on the couch with a down comforter and some treats and watch a fun movie. 

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Anonymous said...

Emily, This blog was fabulous and totally captures my sister. Thank you for taking time out of your day to write this.