Wednesday, June 29, 2011

molls's birthsday!

woop woop!  let's hear it for's her birthday!!!

last year molly got a special blog on her big day...its all still true.  she is still awesome, loyal, hilarious, uber creative, and really pretty. 

Molly is the perfect "go to" friend.  If you need fashion advice, decorating tips, want to go to the flea market, need the latest pop culture scoop, want to know what TV shows to watch (and not watch...but I promise Big Bang Theory is funny), take a road trip, learn a music video dance...for all these things...go to molly. 

but also...if you are having a bad day, need someone to just listen to you, make you laugh...make you smile, support you in decisions, encourage you through all of life's woes...go to molly.  Even though we can become your modern day Daria and Jane, we manage to have fun and keep smiling through all stages of life together.

can't say enough about such a dear friend. 
constant. compassionate (to all...mammals and sea life included).
a bestest friend you can have.

happy birthday molly!
here's to London in 2012...not turning 30...just London :)

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Rachel said...

molls is the best! i love seeing the old pics of you guys. you have been friends forever!!!