Tuesday, November 9, 2010

happy baby surprise!

remember this super cute family?!  well...since baby boy #2 will be joining us NEXT MONTH we decided to surprise them with some "Happy Baby!" gifts.  naturally for me...that means a diaper cake!  (I'm pretty sure new born diapers are the cutest little things).

Josh got his first lesson in diaper cakes.  He was a huge help - you just gotta have two sets of hand folks.  I decided to make a front and a back so that it's cute all the way around...

and baby cason's wardrobe would not be complete without a little commodore love:

Brian and Christine also joined in on the fun.  She made the cutest little cupcakes (sorry I failed to take a picture) and they looked JUST like the master's cupcakes too.  Christine used pumpkin cupcakes and they were delicious!!!

Happy Baby Whitehursts!  Hope you enjoy your treats!

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Rachel said...

You and your gift of super hospitality....you always know how to make a person feel loved :)