Tuesday, November 2, 2010

carving pumpkins

last year josh and I carved pumpkins AFTER Halloween...so the fact that we did it ON Halloween this year was a big improvement.  Hopefully next year we can get our act together since we'll be all married and such...WEIRD!

anyway....we carved our pumpkins with these kids...always a good time when large knives are involved.

between our HUGE pumpkin from gentry's farm and scait's pumpkin, caitlin got busy cooking batches of pumpkin seeds...(one batch salted, the other with cinnamon!)

scott set the bar high while he whittled away at Frankenstein...

while josh and I kept it pretty traditional with ours...

check back tomorrow...the dogs want to show you their costumes!!!

oh...and just because certain people get upset when they don't have a picture on the blog...here is a picture of me and Josh from downtown Franklin's Pumpkin Festival!

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